The Nerd Cave Inc

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Meet Our Crew


Hi everyone! My name is Bunnie Wolfe and I am the Owner of TNCI. I am from a small town in North Carolina. I love streaming, youtube, writing, and singing. 

Discord:  bunbunwolf#0007


I'm a middle aged male who enjoys video games, sounds pretty typical right? Here's a twist, I have optic nerve hypoplasia. This, in short, means that I can't see as well as the typical person. I've been gaming since my hands were stable enough to hold a controller. From Atari to PS4, I've played most everything. One day I thought to myself, "wonder if anyone wants to laugh at a blind guy playing games." This is what lead me to streaming on Twitch. Now I'm happily established with a nice Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Feel free to stop in any time to find a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere with a side of salt depending on the game I play.

Discord: GlitchedVision#0101


Discord: Chebikitty#0639


Official TNCI Streamers

Discord: Footlong4256#0506